Bring your own horse T&C’s

Whitehouse Country House provides only accommodation, stabling, grazing and suggested riding routes. We do not provide hire horses or transport for horses.

Visiting horses must be in good health and carry no infectious conditions prior to arrival. Horses must be wormed and fully vaccinated against flu and tetanus. Any horse arriving at Whitehouse that is found to have symptoms of ill health may be asked to leave immediately and in such cases no refund will be given.

The Owners reserve the right to call a veterinary surgeon to a visiting horse in the case of a welfare, health emergency or contagious risk to other animals. In such cases the veterinary costs would be at the expense of the horse owner.

Stabling and tack storage is entirely at your own risk, and any damage to our stables by your horse will be chargeable. The Owners accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your horse or by your horse to anyone or anything either on or off the property. Your horse and tack remain your responsibility during your stay.

Your horse must be fully insured against any damage it may cause. Guests are required to provide evidence of valid horse insurance, which must include third party public liability insurance. All horses must have full passport registration.

You may choose to ride on local country roads, the off road trails or on the farm fields. All routes are ridden entirely at your own risk. Whitehouse Country House does not accept any responsibility for any incident, accident or injury occurring in such places. In the event of any accident or injury the Owners should be notified immediately and an Accident Report Form completed.

We respectfully request that our Guests acknowledge that all animals are unpredictable and therefore we expect riders to behave in a safe and sensible manner at all times and maintain a safe distance from other animals when riding in fields with livestock.

For safety reasons there may be times of the year when certain areas are inaccessible for riding due to hazards e.g. harvesting machinery or very wet slippery fields. We trust that Guests will accept that these restrictions are in their best interests.

Riders under 16 years old must be accompanied by adults at all times when riding out.

In the unlikely event of Guest’s conduct being unacceptable or where our Terms and Conditions are disregarded the Owners reserve to right to ask Guests to leave the premises. No refunds will be given in these circumstances.

Grazing is normally available from March-Oct for visiting horses, but the Owners reserve the right to withdraw grazing when necessary to preserve the condition of the fields.

All stables to be mucked out prior to departure and paddocks to be cleared of manure.

Horses are to be removed from Whitehouse at the same time as vacation of the room unless prior written agreement is given.